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Three Major Companies Launch Mobile Betting Platforms for Future Growth

It’s official – sports betting has officially come to Michigan. Launching on Jan 22, 2021, bets can be placed virtually anywhere you may have an internet connection inside the state or at some of the dozens of local retail sportsbooks locations throughout the state. With the introduction of its online sportsbook, Michigan residents are now able to bet on a variety of sports, including but not limited to, college football, high school football, college basketball, hockey, lacrosse and volleyball. The move by the Michigan gambling board into the sportsbook business was, perhaps, simply meant to strengthen the ever-growing Michigan economy.

As is typically the case with other states that have legalized sports betting, Michigan law requires sportsbooks to open their books to Michigan residents. However, the new law goes even further and requires that all licensed sportsbook operators have Michigan accounts. If an operator chooses not to comply, that company faces immediate sanctions. Of course, all of these new laws are part of a nationwide trend that continues to grow in popularity and acceptance. Now even in states that did not previously have such laws, sportsbooks are beginning to appear because of this growing trend. While the idea of having a sportsbook is still new and somewhat of a new idea, it is gathering steam and gaining momentum.

Most sports betting occurs at three commercial casinos. In fact, it is estimated that most sports betting takes place at more than one casino. These licensed operators provide their customers with not only the chance to place wagers on sports events but also to wager on casino games including poker and blackjack. The fact that all sports betting takes place at these gaming facilities means that the residents of Michigan are able to enjoy the games they love, whether they happen to like football or hockey or are interested in placing wagers on horse races. With the advent of the internet, the number of establishments that now offer sports betting has significantly increased, which has increased Michigan’s gaming opportunities.

The increase in business has resulted in an increase in competition among online bookmakers. The result is that many bookmakers are beginning to offer better promotions and deals to keep their customers coming back to them. Two of the top sportsbooks in the country are Full Tilt and Betfair. Full Tilt’s popularity can be attributed in large part to its ability to meet the needs of both casual and serious gamblers. Although it offers a variety of different types of games and offers promotions for Michigan residents, its biggest claim to fame is its live betting service.

Unlike its Full Tilt competitor, Betfair does not allow its customers to place live bets. Instead, bettors use Betfair’s proprietary software to make their bets. According to the owners of both sites, this software allows its users to enjoy more control over their gambling experience. With bettors who have downloaded the software, they can now go live and place their bets at any time during the day. With that type of convenience, it’s no wonder that bettors at both sites have high satisfaction levels with their services.

Another recent addition to the sportsbook scene is the new and highly popular Wisconsin High Poker Champ Online Launched. This unique new service allows its bettors the ability to place bets in games with no limit. For those unfamiliar, limit free betting means that the person placing the bet is taking the entire amount of money in the pot before the game begins, with the goal of seeing whether or not they can make a profit. With millions of people enjoying the benefits of this feature, it is little wonder that Wisconsin’s January Series continues to draw record audiences. Even though there have been several other online launch events for sportsbooks throughout the year, nothing compares to the one that took place in January.

The total number of sportsbooks in operation has increased dramatically over the past several years, which has increased the competition considerably. With that said, it has been hard for any new entrants to grab a significant share of the market. On top of that, most established sports betting establishments have already begun promoting their new sites and services in the March 2021 calendar year. Considering this, only three commercial casinos have remaining to compete in the sport betting world. These three institutions are the New Jersey Advance College Sportsbook (NJACSB) which offer a full slate of sports books, the Michigan WRC Bowl System (MBC) which offers all Michigan games including the college football and basketball games, and the Ohio Valley Martinos which feature both professional and college sports betting.

One of these three establishments, the Michigan Sports Betting Authority has decided to join the big three sportsbooks by launching their own site. This is part of a combined effort by the two other Michigan casinos, the Michigan Gaming Commission (MGC) and the Michigan Resort Gaming Commission (MRCC). In total, the new site will feature five different sports books. Among the featured books will be the New Jersey Advance College Sportsbook which will exclusively serve the needs of students and individuals who wish to place sports wagers in the Big Ten. The New Jersey Martinos will offer sports betting access for the residents of both the states and the residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. The Ohio Valley Martinos will also feature a mobile betting application.