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Sports Betting in Minnesota

With how frequently the legal landscape changes within the realm of sports betting it can sometimes be difficult to know where you can legally gamble on sports in Minnesota. Even with Minnesota legislators working towards officially designated sports betting venues. Here are some of the more commonly thought about choices for sports betting in Minnesota.

There are no clear answer to this question but one thing that can be said about gambling in Minnesota is that there will likely be some sort of legislative change taking place in twenty years or so. As previously mentioned, Minnesota has been without a licensed sports gambling venue for over a decade. When the state passed the Gaming and Racing Authority Act in 2021 it set up some new laws and guidelines that weren’t included in previous law making it illegal to gamble on race tracks in Minnesota. The Gaming and Racing Authority Act also legalized sports betting from anywhere in the state except for Iola and Iron Range counties. In addition, the law prohibited gambling at county gaming tables except for tribal gaming and special government regulated gaming events.

Hopefully, by sometime in the next ten to twenty years the state of Minnesota will be able to legally offer sports betting again. Until then it will be up to municipalities such as Minneapolis and St. Paul to create oversight and licensing programs for sports teams and allow them to participate in local events where they can gamble for profit. While there is no guarantee there won’t be problems and some jurisdictions such as New York and Delaware do prohibit professional sports teams from participating in gambling at their facilities there are still sports betting facilities in those respective states that are licensed to operate.

This brings us to another important point when it comes to legalized sports betting in Minnesota in two years or so. Two big questions have surfaced when it comes to legalized gambling in Minnesota. Will the state allow cities to create recreational casinos? And will the state recognize Indian tribes which have gambling as a part of their culture?

Unfortunately the answer to the second question is “No”. Currently the state does not recognize Indian tribes and any attempts to legalize sports betting on tribal members or their cultural beliefs and practices will likely be met with strong opposition by those whose livelihoods are deeply dependent upon gaming revenue. That said, there are cities in Minnesota which are proposing innovative solutions to the gaming issues. Two of those cities have already announced that they will be allowing mobile casinos to open within their city limits and offering gambling opportunities to Native Americans.

One innovative solution being considered by the Twin Cities sports betting community is to use sports betting apps. These sports betting apps will provide a dynamic interface for sports fans to place bets, collect money and collect points. In my opinion, this is an excellent idea. Not only will it increase the number of people who understand the game better but it will also allow a true growth in our economy by bringing in more people who are looking to make real money rather than play games.

One of the reasons that I favor sports wagering in Minnesota is because of the state government. Recently the state of Minnesota got involved with taking care of its gaming problem through the creation of a new office called the Office of Professional Sports Betting. This new office was designed to promote sports betting and collect taxes from professional sports bettors in order to fund important public programs. The first project of the Office of Professional Sports Betting is the setting up of a new software package which will allow online gamblers to register to bet via the internet.

While waiting for the Minnesota government to get their act together on this fantastic idea I have been working hard on getting the word out about sports betting and developing sports betting apps for the mobile web. This summer I am hoping to introduce a free sports betting app for download which will allow anyone in the state of Minnesota to start making some money from home. Who knows, maybe the Minnesota Vikings will then take my ideas for a franchise and run the business from their offices. I am just kidding about that, but who knows? What I do know is that there are still plenty of great reasons why sports betting is better in Minnesota than anywhere else.